We received a free copy of the Haha Color-Me Joke Book in exchange for our honest review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Over here at Lu and Bean Read headquarters, we sometimes take reading pretty seriously. But that doesn’t mean we only like serious kids books. Thanks to author Neesha Mirchandani, we were introduced to a unique new book that had Bean LOL-ing all week. The Haha Color-Me Joke Book is the world’s first book that combines kid-approved jokes and coloring pages to give your child a fun activity (and caregivers a guaranteed five minutes of peace!).

Haha Color-Me Joke Book

We are big readers (obviously), so often when we receive activity books the girls page through for a few minutes and then lose interest. I can honestly tell you that we had the complete opposite experience with the Haha Color-Me Joke Book. Here’s how it actually went

  1. Lu read all the jokes in the book to Bean.
  2. Both girls cracked up.
  3. Bean memorized all the jokes so she could “read” them to herself…and everyone else.
  4. Bean spent the next few days doing a standup comedy routine for anyone who would listen.
  5. Family laughed genuinely the first time. Chuckled the 10th time. Asked her to please go color silently the 25th time.

Judging by our experience, kids this is a fantastic gift book for kids in the 4- to 6-year-old age range. It would be the perfect stocking stuffer or birthday party gift…or just to have around for those rainy/snowy days when you need to keep your younger kids happy and engaged for awhile.

Another good reason to buy the Haha Color-Me Joke Book

Author Neesha Mirchandani wants to make ALL kids giggle. So for every PRINT book she sells, she will be sending one to a child who can’t afford one. So when you purchase your Haha Color-Me Joke book, you know you’re sharing the laughs with another child.

Check it out hereIf you buy from this link, you’ll also get a lovely Halloween-themed bonus! You can also sign up to win a free copy on our Facebook page between October 9–17, 2017.

Haha Color-Me Joke Book
Haha Color-Me Joke Book

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