I don’t know if I can properly convey my obsession with the independent artist studio Little Clay Land. I’ve been Instagram buddies with Little Clay Land owner Laura for some time, so I was thrilled when she reached out to ask if she could make a custom clay miniature ornament of the Lu and Bean Read logo. Um, yes please.

Full disclosure: Laura gave us the Lu and Bean Read logo ornament as a gift, but only after I happily and independently purchased a custom clay miniature from her shop. She’s the real deal, and I am truly ecstatic to partner with her. BUT, please note this post contains affiliate links. Any purchases you make at a third-party site will earn Lu and Bean Read a small commission, at no additional cost to you.

About Little Clay Land

Laura started making clay miniatures at eight years old—tiny food, animals, people, fairies—if she could imagine it, she could make it! Laura developed into a fine artist and painter, but she never forgot her love of tiny things. In her adulthood, Laura revisited making things with clay when she started to make custom clay miniatures for her nieces and nephew. She eventually launched Little Clay Land, where she creates custom clay miniatures that make families all over the world smile.

Our custom clay miniature

Laura turned the Lu and Bean logo into a custom clay miniature that far exceeded my expectations. I thought I knew what to expect when I unboxed our logo ornament. But there was a big surprise. Scroll through to see what I found upon unboxing our ornament.

She added me into the logo! Her rendering of our logo perfectly captures Lu, Bean and me in our favorite activity: reading aloud together.
custom clay miniature
Watching Laura’s process is totally amazing. As someone with little to no artistic ability, it’s awe-inspiring to watch her at work.  Laura filmed her process of creating the ornament.

How cool was that?! If you want to see more of Laura’s process, you should definitely follow her on Instagram.

Get your own personalized clay miniature

Now that you’ve seen this adorable product, I know you’re wondering how you can get one for yourself. I purchased an ornament from the Little Clay Land Etsy shop. Laura’s shop allows you to design an ornament that meets your unique family needs. You can specify the number of family members, designate what colors they wear, and even request a special scene (the campfire ones are some of my favorites). I didn’t have a single photo picturing all the people I wanted represented in my ornament, so I sent in multiple photographs. Laura expertly recreated everyone’s likenesses and hand-crafted an ornament that I know will become a family keepsake. I’m already planning ornaments for other people in our lives. 

Purchase your custom clay miniature here >

Here are the final photos of our ornament.

custom clay miniature
custom clay miniature

Christmas is just around the corner! Order your custom clay miniature now to ensure your ornament arrives in time to put up your tree this year.


Who will you turn into a custom clay miniature?

custom family miniature

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