On episode 37 of the Lu and Bean Read podcast, we chatted with Jennifer Black Reinhardt, the author and illustrator of the new picture book Blue Ethel. Lu had a great conversation with Jennifer about all the ways illustrators hide fun details in picture books so that kids can discover something new every time they read.


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About Blue Ethel

Blue Ethel is a whimsical picture book about a cat that unwittingly turns blue after rolling around on her favorite square of chalk-colored sidewalk. Being blue makes Ethel feel blue—that is, until she notices that another neighborhood cat has turned pink! Ethel learns about making friends, standing out from the crowd, and being herself—which she’s good at, even though it’s very hard to be Ethel. Thanks to publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux for giving us permission to hear Blue Ethel in its entirety on the podcast.

About Jennifer Black Reinhardt

When Jennifer Black Reinhardt’s elementary school classmates said that they wanted to be firemen, doctors, and vets, she declared that she wanted to draw the pictures on greeting cards. She didn’t know that was something that an illustrator did. She just thought it seemed like a happy thing to do—to make people smile when they looked at something that you drew. Jennifer has a degree in illustration from Carnegie Mellon University and has been working as a freelance illustrator for 25 years. Her artwork has been published in numerous calendars, books, greeting cards, even needlepoint kits and collector plates! She lives in Iowa with her husband, her two teenagers, and a big white poodle.

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