The Lu and Bean Read podcast is back after a brief hiatus! We took some summer months off to rest and relax, but we’ve got great new authors to share again as we get ready to go back to school. On this episode, the girls interview Gaia Cornwall, author and illustrator of the picture book Jabari Jumps.
Jabari Jumps

About Jabari Jumps

Jabari Jumps is one of our favorite new picture books this summer. It’s a sweet story that’s universal to all kids—the first time you climb up to the top of the high dive and have to decide…to jump or not to jump? Jabari arrives at the pool with his dad and his sister and promptly declares that today is the day. Or at least he thinks so. Maybe. Or maybe not. While he decides, he does his stretches, plans his approach, and discusses his ideas with his dad. Will he jump? Kids of all ages will relate to Jabari’s fear, excitement and indecision as he goes through this common childhood rite of passage. Jabari Jumps was published by Candlewick Press.

About Gaia Cornwall

Gaia Cornwall is an illustrator who loves making patterns for surface design, illustrating for children, and writing picture books. After graduating from Pratt Institute, she worked on a variety of projects—including producing a film festival, animating cartoons for network television and film, and working on a documentary–that gradually led her back to one of her first loves: illustration.

She is currently working on several picture books, a middle grade novel, various surface design collections, and making websites for writers.

Books we discussed

Here are the books we discussed on this episode, and a few more that Gaia recommends for families who love Jabari Jumps.

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