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On episode 43 of the Lu and Bean Read podcast, we explored how to teach love & understanding by learning about religious head coverings with the new board book HATS OF FAITH. The book uses accurate terminology and phonetic pronunciations to learn about the head coverings that are common in many faiths worldwide.
Hats of Faith

About Hats of Faith

HATS OF FAITH is a beautifully illustrated children’s board book introducing readers to the shared custom of head covering. The creators set out to provide very young kids with accurate terminology and parents with phoenetic pronunciations for head coverings common in many world faiths. They consulted with religious experts, scholars, curators and faith leaders from around the globe and then cross-referenced, checked and rechecked their facts. Although the book is about religious head coverings, the creators chose the title Hats of Faith to ensure they were using the language of very young children. The book they published is the outcome of nearly a year’s worth of work. Learn more about HATS OF FAITH at, where you can find teaching tools and coloring pages to go beyond the book.

About Medeia Cohan and her partners

Medeia Cohan is an experienced writer, but this is her first children’s publication. HATS OF FAITH is a passion project for her, with a mission to educate children about diversity and tolerance early in life. Medeia believes that early familiarity with faith-based customs will lead to kinder future generations. HATS OF FAITH is illustrated by Sarah Walsh and published by Shade 7 publishing.

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Hats of Faith

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