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Episode 19 of the Lu and Bean Read podcast features author Maryann Weidt reading and discussing her new picture book Mama Loved to Worry.

About the book and the author

Mama Loved to Worry is a tall tale, which is something listeners will learn more about on the podcast. Life on the farm can cause Mama to worry and she is a world-class worrywart—in fact, she earned first prize for worrying at the Pickapeck County Fair. Mama has to worry about the weather, the crops and somehow Baby Eli keeps disappearing on her. When Mama worries too much, she gets to sewing, knitting and cooking. In this tall tale, many of Mama’s worries come true. When Baby Eli disappears for the last time, both Mama and baby end up in the creek. But everything turns out fine, as it usually does, and even Mama manages to say, “Why worry?” Mama Loved to Worry is illustrated by Rachel Balsaitis and published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press.

Maryann Weidt grew up on a farm near Hutchinson, Minnesota, a place that captured her heart. She has written two picture books about that farm, Mama Loved to Worry and Daddy Played Music for the Cows. Maryann has written biographies of intriguing folks such as Dr. Seuss, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks and Frederick Douglass. A librarian for much of her career, Maryann enjoys seeing her own books on the shelves, knowing that young readers will enjoy the stories, both fictional and true.

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