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Wow! Our family *might* have a new favorite book series, right up there with our beloved Harry Potter. This debut fantasy book by Australian author Jessica Townshend had us completely captivated.
Nevermoor review

Nevermoor Summary

Morrigan Crow is a Cursed Child. Like all children born on Eventide, she attracts catastrophes wherever she goes. She is a burden on her family and particularly to her father’s burgeoning political career. And she’s doomed to death on her 11th birthday—that is until a peculiar man named Jupiter North rescues her from her certain demise. Their destination is Nevermoor, a magical land where all of Morrigan’s childhood troubles seem to disappear. That is, until she learns of Jupiter’s plans to enroll her in the mysterious and exclusive Wundrous Society. As Morrigan progresses in the entrance trials, she slowly learns that her so-called curse is actually a hidden talent—and that there are dark forces that want her to use it for evil.

Nevermoor Review

NEVERMOOR is full of magic, whimsy and fun. The odd, lovable characters live in an enchanting world that seems a surprise even to them. The city of Nevermoor has enough connection to real life to make it seem plausible (the characters celebrate holidays like Hallowmas and Yuletide) but its magical elements make it so much more exciting. Morrigan’s room adapts to her feelings and interests, for example, and the chandelier in the lobby of the hotel she lives in grows on its own. Morrigan’s best friend is an 11-year-old dragon tamer, though thankfully the dragons live in a different pocket of the state.

There is also dark magic in NEVERMOOR, but the book has an overall fun and delightful feeling. None of the scenes is overly frightening, and the most devilish characters takes the form of a man, not a monster.

NEVERMOOR is clearly the first book in what will be a series, which many readers will be excited about. The downside is that the reader finishes the book with unanswered questions and at least one unresolved major issue, which is unusual even in series writing. The upside is that we get to meet these characters in another book. (And, likely, a movie.) We will be looking forward to both!

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Nevermoor review 

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