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Rarely does a first skim of a book bring me so much joy, but I smiled through every page turn when I opened I AM FAMOUS at the post office last week. This forthcoming picture book by Tara Luebbe and Becky Cattie, with illustrations by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff, should be on the shelves of every little diva in America.

I Am Famous Review

I AM FAMOUS features a toddler triple threat—she sings, she dances, she acts, and everyone in her family is there for it. She was born famous, with her every move captured in photos and on video. She calls the shots, and her parents are (mostly) happy to fulfill her every wish.

On the night of Grandpa’s birthday party, she is naturally the main attraction. It’s a full house, but when our diva falls during her big moment, she must figure out if she has a future in the business.

The protagonist of I AM FAMOUS is just the right amount of sassy. We get that her stardom is both a delight and a problem for her paparazzi parents. The authors have done a wonderful job of staying on the safe side of a character that could have easily tipped over into seeming spoiled rotten.

Lots of kids—not just girls—will relate to the storyline of wanting to be the center of attention. The way Kiely is revered in her family is the way many first-born kids are brought up—followed by cameras, showered with special treatment, and with no shortage of special treats.

Many parents worry about what will happen to our center-of-the-universe kids when they are finally faced with adversity. I AM FAMOUS gives one possible antidote: No matter what happens, our family will always love us.

I am famous will publish March 1, 2018, from Albert Whitman & Company.


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I am Famous picture book review

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