Nonfiction picture books amaze me! They provide so much historically accurate detail in so few words. And in the case of the BOO-BOOS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD, the book answers a question I never even thought to ask: How were adhesive bandages invented?
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The Boo Boos That Changed the World

THE BOO BOOS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD is the true story of Earle Dickson, the inventor of the adhesive bandage. Earle’s wife inspired the idea because she frequently cut herself in the kitchen. Earle devised a homemade solution using adhesive tape, sterile gauze, and crinoline. He brought it to his employer–Johnson & Johnson–who worked with Earle to develop multiple iterations of the product. None were successful until they began marketing the bandages to the Boy Scouts. Not long after, the adhesive bandage was a staple in many American households.

This book is cleverly told in sections that show how each piece of the story could have been the end of Earle’s contributions to the field. He could have created a bandage for his wife and never mentioned it to his boss. The end. But wait, there’s more! Each time Earle pushes on, a page turn reveals the next phase of his story.

There is ample back matter that shows a timeline of the events described in the story from 1892 through 1969–that’s persistence! Readers can also learn about other medical inventions of the era. The BOO BOOS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD would be a great addition to school libraries looking for interesting nonfiction for young readers.

The BOO BOOS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD is written by Barry Wittenstein and illustrated by Chris Hsu. It publishes on February 13, 2018, from Charlesbridge.

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