I was raised to believe that Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday and not a REAL holiday. We don’t spend money on Valentine’s Day gifts around here, we just share our love with a candlelit family dinner (which, as you can imagine, is less than romantic with our 6- and 7-year-old dinner guests). Given our platonic relationship with Valentine’s Day, I was tickled to read the new picture book THIS IS NOT A VALENTINE by author Carter Higgins and illustrator Lucy Ruth Cummins.

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This is Not a Valentine Review

Valentines all look the same, right? Red hearts, pink glitter, declarations of love. That’s how you know the young boy in this book does NOT have a valentine for his classroom pal. What gifts does he have in store for her? Some wildflowers, a cape, a carefully drawn portrait, and so much more. But none of them are valentines. Valentines are mushy, gushy, not at all how these two feel about one another. But look deeper. Why is it really not a valentine?

“…since I don’t only like you today. I like you tomorrow and next Tuesday and last week, too.”

THIS IS NOT A VALENTINE is the perfect valentine for kiddos who aren’t quite ready for valentines yet. It’s not about the card, it’s about the perfect connection between two friends. It’s about all the little moments that add up to one big friendship. It’s about being together instead of being alone.

THIS IS NOT A VALENTINE is all the things our family celebrates on Valentine’s Day. True connection. Time together. Showing you care. No glitter allowed. The perfect sentiment for our Valentine’s Day table.

THIS IS NOT A VALENTINE published in December 2017 from Chronicle Books.

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