No Chimney? No problem! Santa can still get in with the magic key provided in this holiday book and gift set from Moon Jump Press.
No Chimney No Problem gift set

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No Chimney? No Problem!

A couple of years ago, I told the girls that we would be spending Christmas Eve at their grandma’s house. I knew they’d be worried that Santa wouldn’t be able to find them, so I told them I wrote him a letter informing him of our location change. Still, big tears welled up in Lu’s eyes. “But mama, Santa can’t get into Grandma’s house!” she said. “There’s no chimney!”

I assured her that Santa could still get in the house, but I didn’t have a good explanation of his methods. “Santa’s just magic,” I said.

This new holiday gift set from Moon Jump Press provides some better answers. Just how does Santa get in the house if there’s no chimney? No problem! He uses a special Christmas key that only works for Santa.

The No Chimney? No Problem! gift set includes a hardcover picture book that tells the origin story of Santa’s magic key. The very special piece included in the set, and the part that had Lu and Bean oohing and aahing, is a child-safe plastic key on a sparkling green ribbon. Families can hang the key on their front door on Christmas Eve, allowing Santa to safely enter and leave his goodies for the kiddos. Don’t forget the cookies!

As it turns out, many traditional American holiday stories and activities aren’t very inclusive. This new gift set is a great way to engage a few more families in the tradition of Santa Claus, with a new story shows how Santa’s magic is no match for a house with no chimney.

No Chimney No Problem gift set

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