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Last July, in a moment of complete excitement and innocence, Bean exclaimed, “Mama, let’s plan my birthday party!” Her birthday is in December.

I only wish I had reviewed WHEN’S MY BIRTHDAY before buying Bean’s annual birthday book, because this book would have been absolutely perfect. It begins:

“When’s my birthday?

Where’s my birthday?

How many days until my birthday?”

Each page turn features a different child, each asking the same question in a different way. No matter the month, the season, or how distant the date in question, these kids are making plans. They know what kind of cake they want, what the menu will contain, and exactly what gifts will be required.

The spare text is hilarious, absolutely nailing a child’s voice and thought process. The repetition of the word “birthday” throughout makes the book fast-paced and fun to read. I felt like a kid again, reliving the magic of the weeks leading up to my annual big day.

Christian Robinson’s illustrations perfectly complement the text—joyful, childlike, and full of diverse children. Most everyone can see themselves in this book.

WHEN’S MY BIRTHDAY will be a wonderful gift for kids turning 3–6 years old. You may just need to give it to them a few weeks in advance.

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When's My Birthday? review

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