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This week we are talking all about baseball on the podcast! Not our normal subject, but we had the pleasure of interviewing author Kurtis Scaletta about his new middle grade novel Rooting for Rafael Rosales.

Rooting for Rafael Rosales

About Rooting for Rafael Rosales

From Goodreads: Rafael has dreams. Every chance he gets he plays in the street games trying to build his skills, get noticed by scouts, and someday play Major League Baseball. Maya has worries. The bees are dying all over the world, and the company her father works for is responsible, making products that harm the environment. Follow Rafael and Maya in a story that shifts back and forth in time and place, from Rafael’s neighborhood in the Dominican Republic to present-day Minnesota, where Maya and her sister are following Rafael’s first year in the minor leagues. In their own ways, Maya and Rafael search for hope, face difficult choices, and learn a secret the same secret that forever changes how they see the world. Rooting for Rafael Rosales was published by Alfred Whitman & Company in June 2017. 

About Kurtis Scaletta

Kurtis Scaletta is the author of several novels for young readers including Mudville (2009), Mamba Point (2010), the Tanglewood Terror (2011), the Winter of the Robots (2013), and Rooting for Rafael Rosales (2017). He is also the author of the Topps League series (illustrated by Eric Wight and Ethen Beavers).

Kurtis lives with his wife, Angela; his son, Byron, and five cats. In addition to writing, he teaches and manages online classes for the Loft Literary Center and writes book reviews for the StarTribune.

He is Twins fan (obviously), an avid reader across multiple genres, a crossword enthusiast, an occasional roller-skater, a clumsy but determined drawer, a long-distance runner, a frequent maker of soup, and is mildly obsessed with the Legend of Zelda video game series.

Books we discussed

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Rooting for Rafael Rosales

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